Lead Specialty Technician NAHOSC - #1862704

Northern Arizona Healthcare Corporation

Date: 16/10/2021
City: Mormon Lake, AZ
Contract type: Full time
Northern Arizona Healthcare Corporation
Overview: This JD covers the Specialty Leader/Anesthesia Technician; they will act as the liaison between surgeons, staff, vendor sales representative, Business Analyst and SPD. They will have direct accountability to assist in specialty education and training, cost containment, customer service and patient safety. This position will be actively involved in achieving Northern Arizona Healthcare's mission. The Specialty/Anesthesia Leader must abide by and follow expectations of a OR Technician/Anesthesia Technician in the Operating Room. The Specialty Leader/Anesthesia Technician provides leadership for their specialty, will be the subject matter expert ensuring regulatory standards are followed. They will serve as a preceptor, and be an active member of the healthcare team. Pharmacists will have oversight responsibility when non-licensed staff handle non-controlled medications. The technician practices within the CST and ASATT scope of practice and the standards of his/her specialty Responsibilities: Specialty Leader Equipment and Instrumentation
  • Coordinating of maintenance, repairs and purchases..
  • Coordinates capital request, obtaining quotes.
  • Coordinates submission of new equipment request to Application Specialist.
  • Coordinate trials w/Educator and Vendor.
  • Manage and communicate product recalls to physicians and OR Team.

Specialty Leader Inservice Education
  • Coordinate staff education with the Unit Based Educator.
  • Updates changes in communication book.
  • Provide education and in-services as needed.
  • Present specialty education at a minimum annually and as needed.

Specialty Leader Administration
  • Coordinate staff assignments with Charge Nurses.
  • Maintain staffing and skill mix for specialty.
  • Check email daily.
  • Audits as necessary ie. time out.
  • Policy and procedure creation for any new equipment, etc..
  • Ongoing communication with the Application specialist on procedure modifications and additions.
  • Maintain expertise in specialty area, working in specialty as staff Technician.
  • Ensure appropriate operation and maintenance of specialty equipment to provide safe patient care..
  • Act as a resource person for staff and physicians.
  • Work in coordination with SPD Liaisons/SPD to keep area clean, labeled and organized (Surgical Techs).
  • Manage and communicate product recall alerts to affected Physician Groups and staff.
  • Check outdates monthly, delegate as necessary.
  • Meet with Business Manager/Clinical Manager as needed.
  • Obtain sign off for evaluated/trial products from surgeons.
  • Update preference cards/create default settings in Surginet (Surgical Techs).
  • Keep locator book up to date for specialty/specialties (Surgical Techs).
  • Confer with GPO/OR Pack Manager configurations (Surgical Techs).
  • Respond to ORPEC/Manager as needed for agenda items.
  • Cost per case analysis and data for MSVAT and ORPEC (Surgical Techs).
  • Attend at least (75%) specialty leader meetings (Surgical Techs).
  • Arrange coverage for specialty during PTO, absence.
  • Attends training, conferences and seminars as needed.
  • Incorporate and monitor smoke evac policy in specialty service (Surgical Techs).
  • Evaluates processes with specialty to assure through put, turnovers, surgeon/staff satisfaction. .
  • Will play an active role in providing feedback for annual evaluations.
  • Efficiency meets customers expectations.

Patient Care
  • Able to relate to and work with ill and disabled patients of all ages, bilingual patients, emotionally distressed patients and families, and with hospital personnel within the facility.
  • Performs aseptic techniques by maintaining a sterile field while using principles of disinfection, sterilization, and infection control.
  • Maintains infection prevention standards.
  • Collaborates with physicians and other health care professionals.
  • Able to respond to emergency and crisis situation s in a timely and professional manner.
  • Provides safe patient care for the intra-operative phase, including specimen handling and medication labeling and handling.
  • Prioritizes and addresses technical needs to meet patient conditions.
  • Able to cope with varying and unpredictable situations tactfully with personnel, patients, family members, visitors, and the general public.

Manages Equipment and Inventory
  • Maintains, monitors, and restocks equipment and supplies as assigned or as necessary.
  • Demonstrates knowledge in the use of departmental equipment, refer to unit specific competency summation.
  • Appropriately manages equipment, supplies and medications.
  • Prepares appropriate instruments, sutures, supplies, and equipment for specific procedures and be able to anticipate the sequence of events and needs of the surgeon and patient.

  • Participates in creating and sustaining a learning environment supported by evidenced based practice and research.
  • Focuses on personal development areas, engaging in professional/collegial interactions with peers and students.
  • Work collaboratively with peers and other health care providers, and participating in ongoing in-service and educational seminars.
  • Participates in the mentoring and education of colleagues and students.

  • Communicates need for appropriate referrals to RN as indicated by expressed patient/family need (Surgical Tech)
  • Accurately processes and communicates provider orders to RN (Surgical Tech)
  • Facilitates efficient room turnovers as a scrub tech as evidenced by appropriate instruments, supplies and equipment and assisting the team as needed (Surgical Techs)
  • Assists with updating the physician preference cards as appropriate (Surgical Techs)
  • Assists the health care team during surgical procedures by integrating an understanding of anatomy and physiology with the surgical procedure.

  • Adheres to regulatory and organizational standards affecting patient care and safety as well as all hospital and departmental policies and procedures. Practices in a safe and cost effective manner.
  • Stays current and complies with state and federal regulations/statutes and company policies that impact the employees area of responsibility.
  • If required for position, ensures all certifications and/or licenses are up-to-date and valid prior to expiration dates.
  • Completes all company mandatory modules and required job specific training in the specified time frame.
  • Responsible for reporting any safety related incident in a timely fashion through the Midas/RDE tool; attends all safety related training programs; performs work in a safe manner; monitors work environment for possible safety issues and ensures others are also performing work in a safe manner.
Qualifications: High School Diploma or equivalent (GED) - Required
Completion of OR Technician education - Preferred
Completion of Anesthesia Technician education - Preferred
AST Certification - Preferred
ASATT Certification - Preferred
BLS - Required upon hire
Yes-within 20 minutes

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